Monday, January 18, 2010

Something fresh

Yes, my depression will go till time heals me. Well, there are some fresh events that happens. Very thankful. Things at work are getting plain. No more sad or bad. That's because the demon woman is in a very good mood. Josh Blaylock  actually replied my message in Facebook!!!! That was awsome.. Can't wait to check out his fan site. Hehehehe...... Oh at work today... An English couple came in. Pretty girlfriend and not so good looking boyfriend, but fine looking. He has a slight tummy showing when he sits. He is tall and have long legs. Golden brown tan and when he sits he sits lazily. You know with his legs spread wide open and his t-shirt lifted up showing a bit of his tummy with a trail of hair from his belly button till....(you know where) So hence he looks (this is weird) somehow kinda slutty-ish sexy. As usual the GF would want to try on shoes and bags and he lazily gives comment. Oh i left out a little detail. HE IS WEARING A SHORTS!!!!! Like i mention he sits with his legs spread wide open. I cannot help it but to see... (yah.. well peek!!) He kept on moving and his shorts kinda have the hard kind of fabric. So when he spread his legs his shorts stay open. I really can't help it but to again peek and again peek. I was so nervous and excited but at the same time has to pay attention to his GF cause i still  have to do my job!!! (phoo... hoo..multi tasking!!)  Then i had a chance to move infront of him and kneel down to help his GF to tighten the shoe she's trying on. I do not need to lift up my head but just roll my eyes up and i can see right into his shorts. It was wonderfull!A well healthy package there. Whats worst is that you know where these sport shorts that has a thin layer of cloth inside that acts as an underwear inside? It's exactly that kind of shorts and hes NOT wearing underwear!!!! I almost faint and can't breath. I think i saw the outline of his head!!!!!! Breathless!!! It happen very fast. So then i have to stand up again and praying hard that i could kneel down again. While i was standing i do move to a position where i could still continue to peek, but have to be not obvious at the same time. Suddenly he adjusted his sitting position, he moved lower down almost like laying down on the couch!! That means his opening between his legs are even bigger now. OMG!!! Me of course trying my 007 moves to try to peek. I get to see this time even when i'm standing. Then he caught me seeing. I met his eyes when he caught me looking. I froze and i don't know what to do!!! At that moment i felt like i was being zap by ice man!! I don't know what to do at all and i can't look away, but then suddenly he smiled!! AGAIN OMG!!!! I think i instantly mentally knelt in front of him and virtually sucking him!.. Breathless and shocking but sensual in a way...  I got an instant hard on and with my pants that (will) show my wand, i have to keep my hands in front of me the whole time. Well then later i did peek again and he actually let me see. He didn't move a bit when he saw me doing it again. Just when the fun is about to begin, his GF ask to leave. :(  It ends as fast as it happens!! :( I'm glad it happen though. At least some spice. LOL... Hmmm... i wonder i'll see him walking alone tomorrow?

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