Saturday, January 2, 2010

Have to Come Up with one


Well, don't want to read back one day and regret i didn't write anything bout my new year celebration. I've got 3 text wishes on my phone and none from my best friends. How sad is that. I guess if anyone follows my blog and probably they would think i'm a real friends repeller. But i'm not. I'm dying to have plenty of friends. It's just the situation doesn't allow me to. Financially is stopping me and i grief over it. Go out + friends = using money. Hope that explains it. Oh... back to my new year. Eight of us ended up sitting in a lounge in a hotel. Actually i kinda enjoyed it. It was all glass wall and it's in the middle of the busiest town (where the celebration happens) so i can see flocks of people trying to get to where they want, rushing and all. So me in the ever peaceful lounge felt all peaceful and kinda fun actually. Till 11.45pm we paid and just walk outside and we can see the brilliant fireworks from KLCC. Initially we planned to go to this new gay disco but two of them say they don't feel like it. How bloody selfish is that? Anyway 15 minutes of head tilting we proceed to food. Then went home. 1 bottle of Heineken + plenty of DIM SUM. I think this is me healthiest new year celebration ever.Happy new year everyone and wish me a lot. Cause i really need many good lucks to start of this year.(fingers crossed) Don't worry people, I am going to put up a fight for my life and for everything that i believes, and i love my penis.

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