Friday, January 15, 2010


It's so weird. How things always turn up and all. In 2007 i've actually accidentally found this guy on the internet facebook and i got Ga Ga over him. Never get a chance to be his friend or even chat. I just got so amazed with his looks that actually makes me felt calm and wanna smile all the time and this guy is just pure photogenic. I then saved his pictures and actually had his picture in my hand phone wallpaper for a while.Today while watching American Idol season 9. I got shock suddenly this fermilliar looking guy walk out and audition. It was him. I have to on my laptop and check over and over again. It was so surreal I'm in Malaysia and he's at Boston. Seeing him on TV was real weird. He turns out to be a real nice and POLITE guy. I'm drooling already. It was so cute. Bad Simon says that he's forgettable. I think his eyes are unforgettable. Hmmm.... such a dream guy. I pray all the best to him in the competition.  .

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