Friday, September 17, 2010

16th Sept 2010

Planned to jog today. I woke up 3 hours late. So ambitious huh?. Lol..... what a failure. Anyway try to do gardening but all the plants are aged and start to look a bit old. so i have to re-plant. Re-pot and rearrange the plants. Kinda bored, but then again, can't wait till they all look pretty again.  In the afternoon i went to McDonalds for lunch. I forget that today is a public holiday. So the place was full. Full of young gorgeous looking people and i went there with my not so proper clothes. I'm quite sweaty and smears of soil around my t's. Wonder if i look hot or snob. Nuts!!  Never realized that there are so many good looking waiters there as well. Hmm.... i guess i would be going there quite often then..huh?? Anyway, i can't wait till i really start working out. As i remember... it felt quite good. Endorphine .


  1. Paul,

    The plants sound interesting. Maybe you can take a photo of your garden for us!


    Beauty Hunter.

  2. Hi Dee, if only the plants are nice. Hahah... wikk do when i get my camera back from my sis. Cheerss!!!