Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hmm.. what's the date today?

My eyes pressure are still up. If this goes on i have to under go a surgery. Frustrating!! Anyway life goes on and sometimes i wonder how does a gay couple works. Do the dominant ones acts likes he is a king like the straight couples? I wonder does a gay couple would do the dishes together and lay out the dinner together? Not just sit there and wait to be seated like straight couples?? I hate these straight guys. What era is this? I have two sister. One always would cook at home and pack some to bring over to her "king's" place and come back the next day with the Tupperware not washed. This happens EVERYDAY!!! and the other sister will always lay out the food for her "king" and after eating he just leaves to the living room. I can see waves at my eye brows when ever he does that. Isn't it a manner to help to clean up the dishes?? Why oh Why???

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