Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Greens

I have been gardening since i have stop working. I actually realize that pretty artificial like plants do exist. They need great attention. Phuuhh...... It is hard work but when you look at it, it pays off. Hahhah.... Days has been up and downs. I kept reviving parcels and also invoices fro various dispatch companies as my sister has moved her office back home. Was well excited. Well naughty thoughts in my head. Reality? They smell like pigs and not even one is visually attractive. There is one though. He is not good looking at all. I don't even want to look at him when i receive stuff from him. When he starts talking, my dick twitch a little. lol........ not a sexy voice but a very obedient but firm voice, at the same time corny. Hmmm..... hard to explain but the combination of his talk and his voice. Blasting. He makes me go all horny in a second, and I'm not wearing underwear. Imagine how fast i have to fleet!!! I do realize that i am bad sometimes, totally ignore the ugly ones, but once i notice there are some stuff in them that are to my liking. No matter his hands or the way he hold something or the way he walk or the way he speaks or him being gentlemen or even knows to takes care of other people. I will surely go GA GA over him.

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