Monday, September 13, 2010

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad came over the weekend. Went out everyday and eat and eat and eat. I think i have a whole weeks food in my stomach now. They just left this evening. My dad who usually doesn't really speak to me actually gave me a hug and ask me to take good care of my self. It's nice. I almost cried. He never done that. Everyone tried to be "normal" and watched Resident Evil. As usual i can't see much but for the sake of everyone, i went along. Can't have everyone sacrificing for me all the time. So went for dinner and to the movies after that. Well, it's not that bad, i still could see Wenworth Miller. I also saw this other guy, i think he is married or maybe he is with his girlfriend. Streaking hot body. He wears a t-shirt and a soccer shorts. Nothing he wears are tight but you know, it,s like once you see you know he has a body to die for.
This story is kinda weird. I noticed him cause he is standing in front of me, with his back facing me. Everyone was sort of waiting there foe the cinema 9 to open. We waited for like 10 minutes and of course i kept looking at this hot guy. I know he did turn around and looked else where as when people wait they will tend to browse around. Nothing was gay about him. He is lovingly holding his girls hand once in a while. Finally when they finish housekeeping they open the cinema. So everyone take turns to go in. Coincidentally he lined up beside me. When we were about to go in, i let him pass first. It was like in slow motions, he passed by me, smiling, acknowledging me for letting him pass by me and he never took off his stares. It's so mesmerizing as i can see  better when it's near. His gaze or maybe stares were longer than usual. What was that?? It's really weird. Are the straights, straight now these? Or  my gay radar has gone bad?? After that stare, i felt so thirsty after that stare. I can't stop drinking my Coke. It's so bloody hot.

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