Saturday, September 25, 2010

Again i forget the date?

I lost track of the dates. Sorry guys, Had some prob back home. My mom was admitted to the hospital. I laughed when i heard the news. What else could have happened? In fact my previous blog i wrote but didn't post was "Tear me apart" That's so back street boys or N'Sync. Hahah....... Well anyway thank god nothing worst happened. My mom turns out to be severe food poisoning and dehydrated. So i have to go home. By myself. My sis can't make it and my second sis is working , flew to Australia. So i am the only one who could do the trip.
I crawl up early in the morning to catch the train. Was a bit worried as i can't see well. As it was a working day, so the train is full in the morning. I wore a shorts and a shirt. I buttoned right up to the collar as my neck has some red spots, due to the reactions to my medications. I almost forget how pack the train would be. To my worst fear, i forget to wear my underwear. Since i'm not working now these, and i'm always at home. So i seldom wears my underwear. So i ACTUALLY forget to wear my underwear. Lucky me, the shorts i wore wasn't a tight one. It's like a cargo shorts. So it's loose and wide but the rough material keeps on brushing my head. Hmmmm.....
Okay, so i got in the train. Plenty of aunties and i don't see any cute guys around. As i am almost like a bear who just came out of my hibernation are quite eager....... dissapointed!!! so i tried to stand near the door as women doesn't excite me. Then too bad i can't make it to the door. I have to stand a few person away from the door. As some lady goes off the train i make my way to the door. So like after 4 stops it's finally my turn to lean on the door. Looking at the views reminds me of many stuff. Then usually at the 6th stops it will be tighter, the following stops usually have many passengers. So everyone is standing closer and closer. It was getting more and more uncomfortable. Right in front of me is a girl, her height is right up to my nose only. Imagine if it gets any tighter i would have to smell her hair. OMG!!! I kept my head tilt up and try to face out to the door's screen. But the way i stand before made it quite impossible to turn much more, so i'm leaning with my back flat on the side of the door. Suddenly there is this sudden push from up front. So i looked angrily across and it happens to be a guy who pushed. I hate it when people does that in a train. So i frowned and stared. He did the same, stared a while but he looked away first. I was kinda shocked cause it didn't occur to me that people around me has change since i came in just now. Later i realized, it was actually that girl who is being rude. She doesn't want to move even a little, to give space. It's no wonder that guy pushed her. Errr... i think i,ll continue tomorrow. I just took my medication. I don't think i'm typiing right. I'm so sleepy now. Yawn....

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