Sunday, September 19, 2010

it Meant Loads

It meant loads when you see people starts to comment in your blog. Thanks Dee and JB. I don't know why, but i celebrated!!! Ha Ha..... nuts!!  Gardening is like a routine now. Every morning i will mater the plants and feed my fishes. I wonder why all these while i don't actually listen to my songs when i do gardening? It;s no wonder i felt bored sometimes. Went to the station to get ciggy and had a drink with my sis after that. I missed those times. Where you sit and roll your eyes around looking at cute guys. Now that my eyes are cloudy and sick, every guys are cute. Now i actually judge them by body shape and dressing instead of their cute looks. It's just i can't see where my eyes focused. That's why i don't look at their face so much now these. People will think I'm crazy for starring so long. Anyways, the day out are quite fun. Except for this cafe owner who like to tease me. You know these, playful old man. he always likes to stand behind me and scratch my shoulder. if I'm any wittier i'll use my shoulder to push his bulge already. He,s lucky i don't like him. I actually finds him annoying. Why not any of his staff does that to me? Ha Ha ..... Oh! i went through my dvd's collections yesterday and saw Harry Potter again. I actually forget how much i fancy Harry. Sometimes i find myself nuts. I tends to fancy weird stuff. Harry's sheer dorky-ness actually gets me excited. Hmmm..............

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