Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Had lunch with my parents the other day. It was only 4pm so actually it's neither lunch or dinner. I had so much food before, hence i'm not hungry. So i didn't order any food. Just drinks. Then my dad didn't eat much too. BECAUSE he thinks i'm saving money to pay for his food. What a situation!!! I don't know what to say. When i say i'm okay. I'm not eating cause i'm just not hungry. He just say okay he understands but he just stops ordering. Same goes with my mom. I'm touched that they care but sometimes it gets irritating when they over do it. Sometimes it hurts when you see two old people getting old and THIN. hOW on earth could things happens like that?? I never foresee things would come to this. Who would. I see my self at a stable times now, when i was 18. What would happen next??

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