Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So i did the dishes.

The next morning. LoL... Two and a half years ago when i bought this house. I have seen the tenant that lives directly opposite the beck of my home. That is like 10 feet apart. Two and a half years i saw him the second time. So odd. The back of our home has an alley , like 5 feet below. So every home has a few steps of concrete steps to go down. When i was doing the dishes, i don't know why this opposite guy opened his back door and sat on the steps. Directly in front of me. Whats worst is that he's wearing shorts. I was well tortured cause i can't see that far. I'm quite sure i would see his bulge if my eyes were at 20/20 Grrrr..... Washing greasy stuff with a stiff is no fun at all.. I can't even make sure if he is hot or not. But as usual i just smile to everyone i see to acknowledge their presence. I wished he talk to me, but he didn't. I always have theses wild kinky imagination of sneaking into my neighbor's house. Well, time would come. When the right guy wink and chat with me. :)

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