Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blissfully Heartwarming

I have heard about this movie for years already. Only last week i found a link to download this movie. I'm speechless while and after watching it. It's simple but it hits the spot. Amazing and exciting but you felt calm and warmth at the same time. found one of the comment on this movie at you tube.

" love this song... i mean is so peaceful... and im obsessed with the movie...!!! ... i mean how far could love go!???... im not gay... but i love this movie... i love everything bout this movie... i jut love it!!!... it makes me want to fall in love!!!... with a man or woman!!... (im bi, yes and it does exist!)... jajajaaa...""

Below is one of the score that scored big time.  
I can't stop smiling.

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