Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a turn off.

I was reading this blog yesterday and the blog's owner was discussing about self motivation. I was able to relate. just simple messages and it's right to the point. Simple and it makes me re-think of many stuff. Then today i found some songs that i love and listening to it kinda freshens me up. You know those feeling when you smile silly while listening to your favorite piece? I thought i finally found it ( i meant that drive) Then now it's all gone. He actually came to my house. The post be,ow. mean the guy. After so many years this is actually the first time he enters my room. HE criticized everything!!!! Not that he has an awesome room. He say my room doesn't looks like me. He is disappointed. I shut up when i enters his  room. His dust collection is overwhelming and his bed's color matched the dust. (Bot washed faded bed spread) I have the courtesy to just shut up and act normal. What kind of people criticize you right at your face?? When i finally just say "hey your room is also nothing better" He answered me by saying that his is rented and i own my house. Try buying a house then. I know it's so childish. Well, when It is something that i put effort in and under unavoidable circumstances hence there are not much luxury. Sorry, guys... i really need to get this out of ny system. Thanks for reading. 

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