Saturday, June 11, 2011

How could it be? Or...

I was shocked to the core a while ago. I mean literally just now. I've mentioned about this friend somewhere in my blog. He is actually the only friend who brings me out these days. Tully appreciated. We have known for years. We always does out. Hangs out at a affordable places.  We clicked a lot. I don't see him as my boyfriend though i almost treats him like one. You know like the BFF kind. Anyway. we do many stuff together and he always says i understands him more than anyone he knows. Wierd  enough we never do stuff that goes much out of our routine. Today we went out of our routine and have a drink at a more high end place. He is different!! Pretentious. .Quite a jerk and kinda obnoxious. I'm very disappointed. I guess all these while i've only know him at his comfort zone. I also kinda disturbs me that what if we are in a relationship? Today makes me think how big the relationship goes. So many to learn and explore.  It's really disappointing.  

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