Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quest 2

Hmm... I felt like crying now. Just out of the blue i felt like crying. What is it for? I don't know. Well, yesterday i went for my routine check up. My eyes are doing great. It's healing well. So now instead of every month i only have to visit my doctor every two months. Then again i have two doc that i have to visit.
Anyway because the nurses dilated my eyes so i didn't do anything yesterday. At night i just water my plants and head straight to bed. I have been feeling tired easily lately. I wonder it's lazy or i'm actually tired.
Today, the first thing that pop in my mind when i woke up was the fishes. I have to get fishes for my new pond. So i got ready and walked to the pet store. Wasn/t really the type i wanted, it's a smaller species of what i had in mind. But i get it anyway. Can't wait any longer lol... like a boy i'm excited. Walked home and settle the fishes. Had the right picture i had in mind only smaller. Anyway it's still pretty. After that i spend like hours watching it. Then i got this sudden urge to paint my dining room's cabinet. Search for the old paint in my store room and start painting. Now i know how much trouble i'm gonna get into if i do things without planning. I dripped the paint everywhere. Got some paint on every single thing. I think i'll have a super busy day tomorrow. :( I rushed and finish painting in 5 hours. Then i got paint every part of my body. Thank god i didn't do it naked.  lol.... I tried washing the paint of with this bottle of thinner that i found. Man... that was super painful. I poured it right to my hand and it burns. Even when my hands are under running water i still feel the burn. I then repeatedly wash it off with soap till i felt better. After all that my hands are still not paint free. The thinner diluted the paint and now it's still stuck on my hand. My hands are white now, which is the paint color. Skin is a bit rougher now. still feel a bit burning sensation. I applied toms of lotion , hoping my skin won't peel. After all that, i just walked to my dining room and have a look. Though , news papers are everywhere. dots of paint on the fridge, plates, bottles, my hands burning.  i think i'm glad i did it. Quite tired now. My fingers are shaking while typing.

Hope you all did something satisfying too today? (how come it sounds kinda dirty?) Wish you all have a great day ahead. Cheers.

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