Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kinda Started

Today i kinda started my quest that i promised here. My biological clock are kinda messed up. So i stayed up and didn't get much sleep so that i could start my quest. Well nothing much. I tidy up my garden. I put up a new pond and actually are not very satisfied with it. So this morning after watering my plants i cleared my new pond and set it up again. Simple is always the best but it takes some mistakes to achieve it. So i filled it up with water. It's now clean and clear. Wait for two days for the water to set then i can buy some fishes to compliment it. It's actually quite satisfying. Initially i filled it up with mud and sand to plant some greens in my new pond. The fishes would love it but it looks kinda messy. I then remove it and now i plant it in a clay pot and just place it in the middle. Well kinda above middle, center but more to the upper north side. Now it looks neat and clear. I think i should make "stop smoking" as my quest as well. If you have been following my blog, you'll notice i've mentioned this for ages already. I'm worried i can't do iy. Still i don't stop doing it. Grr... Well i just bathe and am waiting for my hair to dry. Just wanna keep ,y blog updated. Badly wanna sleep too. Cheers guys, hope you had a great day. 

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