Friday, June 24, 2011

Do You Know?

Imagine that,...... When two person is in love? It's magical! Automatically  many sacrifice would be made and many things  is bound to happen.
 How many of you actually realize that the sacrifice that you made, benefits both parties or is it damaging both parties? Would you know that you are pampering instead of helping? Do you realize that his request is actually ridiculous?  Do you actually know that you are occupied when you promise him fo buy something?
How much should one give? What is the limit? I think there are no answer to that but i guess it's mutual understanding. Cause as always we would give unconditionally. So sometimes maybe we take too much without knowing it. Anyway, i believe i am like that too. Usually i'n the one who gives a lot.
So when someone comes and tell you, something is wrong.. Don't shut t5hem up. Process their words and think. Maybe sometimes the audience gives the best critique. 

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