Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quest 3

Today i continue the mess i did yesterday. My eyes are not that clear after all. Today when i see the cabinet i see patches of parts that i didn't paint. Kinda humored myself there. So instead of wrapping things up i have to cover those spots that i missed. Another round of painting. it was kinda more difficult this time cause i'm wearing gloves. Plastic and paint really don't go together.Tends to be very sticky and slow down the process. After that i tried to clean as much and re-attached the little doors handle. Well it turns out very nice and my dining room looks fresher than ever. Well, still have to wait for the paint to really dry up then i can put back all the stuff.
Got a letter today requesting me to do a check up for my eyes. I tried to apply for some funds from the government. Hope it will approve this time round. I feel bad using so much of my sisters money. The medical fee and all.
My fishes are doing well. Didn't do much gardening today. Hmmm... i'm thinking which stuff to do after the painting. So many stuff to clear once you sit back and see. Anyway i'm glad i'm settling stuff, one by one.
Still can't seem to stop smoking. I'm thinking of smoking as i'm typing about smoking here. Aish....
I miss Bumble Bee. I hope he is doing well. Take care of yourself. Really take good care of yourself. 

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