Monday, June 20, 2011

Quest 5

Today i clean part of my room and also do the usual routine of cleaning the house. Then i started to watch a movie. It was super sad. I must say i wasn't in quite a good mind these days. I think i should mentally get a life. Sometimes i'm quite impressed with how our mind work. I can feel excited but at the same time i also could feel sad. It's really a complex mind. Well then after the movie i read my mail and i got a mail from a friend. Such coincidence the song i'm listening to was quite heartwarming. So happen too it was a very touching mail from my friend. I couldn't bare it but get all emo and stuff. What a day. I then get down to watch the TV. I choose animax cause i want to watch something happy but it has to be another sad sad episode. I cried. Hahhaha.... i just couldn't bare it somehow.
When you are at the lowest you always tend to look up don't you think? I did. So the days emo actually got me pumped up somehow. Not much but at least i'm looking for hope.
I just finish one pack of ciggy. I hope i'm strong enough to not walk out to buy a new pack. Fingers cross.

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