Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quest 4

I didn't do much lat few days. I was feeling a bit off and i had to visit the doc for some checkups. Remember about the stuff i applied from my government? So i didn't do much lately but i did clear lots of little little stuff around the house and my garden. Oh!! my fishes nearly died the other day. There is a power failure and it happen twice. The thing is when the power came back it killed my water pump in my fish pond. I didn't know till midnight. When i saw it my heart sank, cause all the fishes are kinda floating, when the water pump is not working, there is no water pumped up to the pot above, hence there will be no water overflowing and drop into the pond and hence when there is no water dropping into the pond so there will no oxygen. I quickly get an old pump hoping it works and it sure did. Very slow but at least it could create oxygen. Then i get a new one the next day. He he....
Anyway back to the little little stuff. It started out in my garden. I don't have a piece of land to work at. So my plants are all in pots. Somehow. after sometime there will be some wild grass or some little unknown plants would grow in the pot. Taking away precious nutrients and water from my plants. Well its not that they are bad in nature . It's just the simple idea of if there is two plant in one pot so they have to share everything. So of course we remove the unknown plant so my plant could get everything. So i was doing it. Some i did it more frequent but some pots are kinda hidden and harder to reach. So it didn't get as much attention. It looks obvious. I can't see my plant. So it hit me that i have to clean my house that way too.
You will be surprise of all the rubbish you can find/ Start with one drawer a day maybe if you are super busy. Your kitchen. Cabinets that you keep your dry food. Your shoe rack. The tv rack. Your car. Your wallet? The bag you use everyday. Even your key bowl. Under the bed or couch.
I smoked lesser now. But i don't think it's an achievement as i crave to smoke as bad. 

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