Saturday, July 24, 2010


Soon.... Just a few days more it's my birthday. I was in the mood to watch something that suits my mood. So i search my hanky panky collections. My collections aren't all porns. It's a mix of everything gay. Somehow i pick this up and just watch it..... hmmm........ you know what? i'm gonna continue later. When i wake up from my slep. Kinda tired. Aiks!!!
    Hahaha..... guess what? I can't sleep. So i came back down to continue my thoughts. The movie i pick up to watched is called "Les Chansons D'Amour" You know i never really watch this movie since i bought it sometime ago. I kinda forward to the part that i only wants to watch and i don't understand the language anyway. i never thought at times of need i just pick it up and embrace it. YUP!! embracing it. It's Beautiful. I regret not watching it in a way that i should earlier. I've always wanted to have such intimate moments like these two guys. Slow and steady. How they both actually look at each other and the deep appreciative stares towards each other. With music that hit's every fucking emotions that makes you cry without you knowing it. It's nice when you suddenly found an unknown treasure hiding in your pathetic room.

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