Thursday, July 15, 2010

Series of Test

I didn't know there is a urine test and also so many injections involved. taken all the test and only will know my results on Saturday and my blood test results on Monday. While i took the x-ray i have to strip half naked and i wasn't given any robe to wear on. i was there in a mufti glass lab being watch by everyone who walks by, Didn't wear my belt cause i thought i would have the green robe to wear. So standing there with half of my underwear hanging out and being handled by an Indian lady. Well she's young but look washed off. I felt like being vision raped by everyone. Whats worst was when i came out, there is these three old lady on wheel chairs smirking at me. Ah.... that makes me felt so embarrassed. It's not like I'm sexy. Arrghh.... well the series of test actually are backing up my sister's worries. That is my smoking habit. Well obviously i have to slow down my smoking and eventually stop it. so that's why i planned to go jogging tomorrow morning. Oh... i havent look for my pants and my top yet and my shoes. Well what ever comes after this i think i may not take it but i hope i could keep my healthy habbit. That's the least i could do right?

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