Thursday, July 15, 2010


My alarm is at 5.30am and i woke up at 2pm. hahha....... such a twat. What a pig. So i failed today. So i actually washed all my dishes and cleaned some place. Let my sister's dog out. I've never mentioned about this dog i think. never likes dog. Well i do but hate their body odor. I tend to hate fishy smell. So I'm very picky when it comes to fish. The dog never seems to be tired at all times. it's so irritating. Even though i play catching with her I'm already tired and she is still standing and kept sticking by my side. That;s a great dog if she doesn't smell like one. Hmmm..... Well at least i tried Do i got this injection on my left hand and i was told not to touch it or apply any cream on it or scratch it. So that they could take the reading after 3 days. Hmmm.... i think i scratched it. Anyway my quest to be healthy is still on. Hpe there is some cute lads at the park when i do my jogging. Then again i wonder is there any human that would wake up 5 in the morning to exercise. lol.....

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