Saturday, July 24, 2010

Okay!! about my birhtday

My birthday is around the corner and this year is not well. It's plain plain and too plain. Wonders will happen after it thought. I celebrated my birthday every year with noise and party. but this year seems to be missing of everyone and all the noise. That's why i felt silent. I think around my place here are lack of parks or even a lovely quiet place for humans to just gag at nature and the slow moment of the sun light. Well, you know me... i am always naughty. Secretly i would wish to see a real life beautifully structured man standing in front of me. Not nude though. I've never seen a real life man in just his underwear. Imagine that. It's always fully clothes, or fully nude. never in just underwear. So ridiculous. That's the way we always unintentionally skipped the beautiful moments that we actually craved for. Besides that i pray for my eyes to heal miracle and if not at least i could work wonders. What i planned to do next will really be my voice of showing the world. frankly speaking my work very much reflects my moods. Right now i only able to prepare my materials but i could not work on it. it's frustrating but hey it's only up to us work the miracle, right??  wish me luck guys.

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