Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ahh.... woke up kinda late today and have to rush to work. Not many ppl lining up today at the train station. Maybe that explains why is the road are all so jammed. My manager today is really in a great mood. Didn't give me a hard time and that's how i would prefer to spend my last days there. Today is seriously bored at work though. Nothing to see, I guess the cute guys are all on leave today. LOL.... So got back at 7pm today as some last minutes customers dragged my time. so rushed to the train and hope to catch an early train but it did not. It got delayed. *^%#@*^&% Finally when the train arrives i get to stand beside the cutest guy ever!!! I guess its his eyes that makes me kept starring at him. So the train was full of people. It was well pack. This guy that stands in front of the cute guy, actually carries a laptop bag and he pushed it to his bag hence his laptop bag was right in front of this guy's bulge!!!!! So i was faking my sleep in there and had my head face down. But actually i was looking at his bulge. As the train moves i notice that guy's laptop kept brushing this guy's bulge and "the" bulge actually gets bigger. It was well hot and i was out of breath, cause i was so near to wonders and i can't even touch it. All i have to do is just lift up my fingers and i could touch his bulge already. Yes, it's that near.  In a way i felt pity for him because he has no where to turn to  it was so packed that he sort of being trapped there, . LOL.... like being molested with his body tied up. You should see his face. It's like he is being blown, and he has this breathless expression that makes me go crazy. I wonder did he actually cummed or not? ;)


  1. thanks for the comment i wouldnt have found your blog if u didnt. i answer your question in the comments on mine. why cool blog ill be back to check it out when i have more time!

  2. you may have and i missed it sorry if i did. im followin u now so i can keep up. ill give u a shout out when i post again.

  3. Need Not apologize. Truly appreciate your comments though. Thanks..