Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cold War

My manager Launched "the cold war" finally. Imagine a cold war at work. How childish. I never thought it has to come to this. Well, i kinda predict it. I'm sick of thinking about this set back in my life. Everyday before i goes to work i have to mentally prepare myself. Anyway i'm gonna leave it aside.
Getting off work is my favorite moment now. Everything seems to move in a slow motion once i clock out. I enjoy the moment of me walking to the train station. Seeing everyone who is rushing back or just trying to make their way else where really makes me felt peace. People talking on phones. People laughing . People holding hands. People dreaming. People stressing. I wish i could  watch all this while drinking coffee. When i finally gets in the train it was like a sardines of people. I in my little brain are actually enjoying being squash by some cute guy behind me or my thigh squashing against some guys groins. lol.... such a whore.

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