Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Woke up kinda late today and went to work by cab. Was feeling quite good till i reach work and my manager was there. Suppose she is at another shop today. :( Then i questioned her about some stuff and she ask me to call the Human Resource department to find out my self. I called and i found out that i actually don't need to tender my resignation letter. I actually requested to be transfered to another brand. My manager told me that i must tender a resignation letter and serve a one month notice. In-fact I've already requested on January. When she mentioned about the letter was beginning of February and she ask to Date my resignation letter on 1st March and that means i only could leave end of March. Already i kept quiet about the delay and now i found out that i actually don't even need to tender a letter. That means i'm am doing her a very big favor as she can't actually find a replacement. Yet she still treats me like i'm a stranger, or a ghost in the store. I hate such act. How old is she? I can't stand it. She is acting like a kid. Talking about professionalism. My ass!!

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