Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Just Can't BELIEVE it!!!

The last time i remember , no matter where you go you actually need to be respectful. Regardless of age and actually mutual respect keeps a group going. I seriously cannot believe that both of my sister's Boy Friends doesn't wash their dishes. Am i born in the wrong era or they are just being a typical male?? I don't think males are like that. Unless they are from the Genghis Khan??? This is such  an insult and i seriously don't understand big time!!! To them, my sisters are suppose to do it for them. Whattt????  They are not guest! Guest comes here once a year, not everyday. This is ridiculous. I do dishes. I clean the house. In fact i do most of the cleaning in this house. That makes me a what?  I'm about to burst or maybe i already mentally shove the dishes to their head. Grrrr........ anyway i left their dishes aside when i wash the dishes just now. I'm sending a loud message. I just don't get it!! Shaking my head... (not that one.. it's the one with the brain)

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