Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh Mann....

It's really sad. Really sad. I felt like crying. It was so wonderful. Everything is just where it should be. That's also why i kinda hesitate to meet up. Because through experience, these stuff always turns out kinda bad. Everything is the opposite. All the nice gestures and everything just don't turn out as it is. He is sissier than he say he is. He is sissy actually. Totally not my type and kinda think of it , i actually rejected him before. That means he doesn't remember that  he chat with me before. This is the sad part. I actually wanna .... sort of just retire and settle. I'm tired of searching so i kinda be careful with this one. It turn out pleasant and everything i like but when we meet up. He is like the total opposite of everything I've ever thought of. His way of speaking and the way he moves his hands are just too androgynous. Why it just has to always ends up like that. Now i don't know how to reject him. I just felt so sorry and i'm just so sorry for the situation. Now i don't know how to be frank to him.

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