Sunday, March 21, 2010

A cocktail

Today has been a mixes of emotions hence it's like a cocktail of life. There i was worried of my manager. Just got to know two of my friends has just resigned and when i'm at my new job, i'm practically alone. Does this means i am really getting a fresh start? Maybe it's good. Good for me. :) Though i strongly will miss them. The guy i met yesterday? I text him this after noon apologizing to him about the "situation" yesterday. He just replied
" please don't apologize for things that are not my fault" Well, i thanked him for being understanding, and life goes on. It was a fairly good day but kinda started a bit gloomy. Then.... i think i'm a slut. Looking at cute guys actually makes me feel kinda good. Is there a treatment that they actually make many many cute guys walk in front of you and let us mentally strip them? Then it actually takes our troubles away and feel good. Aiks!!! LOL!!!

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