Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Okay after a bad episode this afternoon i kinda cool off a bit and just as i thought of this guy called Alias, he appeared walking pass in front of my boutique. He is the cutest ever. Hahaha.... This guy i would always remember him because he is the exact identical of Bumble Bee. I really can't believe he resembles Bumble Bee that much. His attitude, actions, the way he talks and everything is so him. Prrr.... Alias is actually straight. He has a girlfriend and so is Bumble Bee when we met. Somehow Alias is also showing the same symptoms as Bumble Bee when the first time i saw him. I had the feeling that this guy could be made gay. :) somehow i kinda don't want to "spoil" Alias as he has a Girlfriend and i felt guilty. But he always talks to me in a different way. Like I'm his boyfriend or something. Not in a obvious way but there is the cute sad face and there is the lips purging, and there is the messing my hair thingy. How can i resist that!!? Suddenly he showed up again in front of my boutique. We chat and he talks to me in the most darling way complaining that he is tired. Awww..... i felt like kissing him that instance. Hahaha... but well that was well entertaining. He somehow always enjoyed my company. He likes to ask me out for a smoking break and he always talks to me in a very cute way without he himself noticing it. Well... this is interesting, lets see what will happens in future.

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